Distinguished Alumni Award 2019 : Mr. Arun Duggal Miniature chips use sound and light to improve Wireless communications Distinguished Alumni Award 2019 : Prof Srinivasan Keshav Distinguished Alumni Award 2019 : Dr. Mohit Aron 50th Annual Convocation on November 2, 2019 Empower 2019: An Assistive Technology Conference showcasing technologies for specially abled Interview with Prof. Kirk R. Smith Dhruv: IIT Delhi mentoring top 30 science students from across the country Research@IITD :When waste is converted to wealth Startup@ IITD: Empowering people with special needs


50th Annual Convocation on November 2, 2019 MEA's ITEC programme Biogas production, power generation and upgradation for vehicular application

Ph.D Seminar

SURBHI SHARMA -- 18/10/2019 KARTHIK G M -- 18/10/2019 VINOD PARMAR -- 18/10/2019 PARUL JAIN -- 18/10/2019 PARUL JAIN -- 18/10/2019 DILEEPKUMAR R -- 21/10/2019 BRAJESH KUMAR SINGH -- 21/10/2019 NIRAJ CHOUDHARY -- 21/10/2019 RASHMI -- 21/10/2019 POONAM JOSHI -- 21/10/2019 SAURAV CHAKRABORTY -- 21/10/2019 AMRITA DHAWAN -- 21/10/2019 VANDIT VIJAY -- 21/10/2019 NEETU JINDAL -- 22/10/2019 IEEBA KHAN -- 22/10/2019 RUCHIKA BHAT -- 22/10/2019 RIYA BHOWMIK -- 22/10/2019 SAURABH SHUKLA -- 23/10/2019

CEP Programme

Certificate course in "Business Management (Focus: Digital Marketing)" TEQIP - III Short Term Course by CRDT, IIT Delhi Certificate Program on "Marketing of Goals, Initiatives & Causes (MAGIC)" Short Term Course on "Machine Learning for Engineering Applications Short Term Course on "Biomass to Energy and Other Value-added Products Short Term Course on "Introduction to THz Technology and Modern Applications Short Term Course on "Mind, Meditation and Human Values – A Scientific Perspective Executive Programme in "Data and Decision Sciences Consulting CEP-GIAN Course: Transportation Systems: Dynamics and Control for Traffic, Vehicles, and Pedestrians CEP-GIAN Course: Seismic Design of Steel Structures TEQIP‐III Short Term Course TEQIP‐III Short Term Course Short Term Course on "Environmental Sustainability through Microorganism"