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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
11606 Workstation: Intel processor 2.4 2666MHz, 20 core CPU, 6 TB 7200 rpm SATA, Memory cooling solution, 128GB (4×32GB) DDR, USB wired keyboard, USB optical wired mouse, 4GB GFX, Linux OS 10/06/2019 20/05/2019 View
11599 Rate Contract for supply of all types of office and laboratory furniture from reputed furniture manufacturers like Godrej Interio, Wipro, B. P. Ergo, Vitra, Steel Case, Herman Miller, Featherlite , Usha Shriram Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Durian, Evok (Hi 07/06/2019 17/05/2019 View
11683 N/W: S/I/T/C of Maintenance Free Advance Chemical Gel earthing for laser cutting machine in WS-105 & machine near WS-105 deptt of Mechanical Engineering in Academic area at IIT Delhi. 07/06/2019 03/06/2019 View
11562 Semiconductor probe station and Accessories 06/06/2019 09/05/2019 View
11597 High Resolution Compact Optical Spectrum Analyzer 06/06/2019 17/05/2019 View
11607 Cleaning of water storage tank (i.e. PVC and RCC water tank) in Boys Hostel area at IIT Delhi. 06/06/2019 20/05/2019 View
11583 Laser Wavemeter 04/06/2019 15/05/2019 View
11610 Annual maintenance contract of 2x110 TR Chillers installed in Central A C Plant of Computer service Centre at IIT Delhi.(Day to day operation of the plant is not in the scope of this work) 04/06/2019 20/05/2019 View
11612 Supply, Installation, Testing, & Commissioning of on line Non-chemical water treatment scale preventer system for 3x350 Tr Water cooled Central Air conditioning Plant in Sonipat Campus of IIT Delhi. 03/06/2019 20/05/2019 View
11564 Motorized linear stages with controller 31/05/2019 09/05/2019 View
11625 Name of work -Renovation of room no. II-247 (Mechanical Engineering deptt.) for RuTAG activities in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 30/05/2019 21/05/2019 View
11646 .R. & M.O. D.G. set and Central AC Plant at IIT Delhi; Sub Head; - Servicing and Repairing of cooling towers of 2 x 135 TR Chiller AC Plant of SIT Bldg. 30/05/2019 27/05/2019 View
11507 Programmable Grid Simulator 28/05/2019 30/04/2019 View
11536 Wire Splicing Machine 28/05/2019 07/05/2019 View
11537 Air Compressor with driers and filters 28/05/2019 07/05/2019 View
11538 RO Plant 500 Litre/hour Capacity 28/05/2019 07/05/2019 View
11539 Water Chiller 28/05/2019 07/05/2019 View
11542 Servo Stabilizer 100 KVA 28/05/2019 07/05/2019 View
11543 Air Compressor with driers and filters 28/05/2019 07/05/2019 View
11580 Supplying, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Fire Fighting Pumps and Allied Works at Jhanskar Hostel, IIT Delhi 27/05/2019 15/05/2019 View
11627 A.R. & M.O. Central AC Plant, Package and Ductable type Cooling System of Vishwakarma Bhawan at IIT Delhi. Sub Head: Operation & routine maintenance of Central AC Plant & Package and Ductable type Cooling System of Vishwakarma Bhawan at IIT Delhi. 24/05/2019 22/05/2019 View
11520 Waste Water Treatment System 23/05/2019 03/05/2019 View
11584 SITC of Floor Standing AC Units in MS-901,ETSC, IIT Delhi 23/05/2019 15/05/2019 View
11502 High Voltage DC Power Supply 22/05/2019 29/04/2019 View
11508 Heat-pipe scrubber 21/05/2019 30/04/2019 View
11577 Urgent Re-Installation & Commissioning of Split / Window AC units in different locations in IIT Delhi 21/05/2019 14/05/2019 View
11578 Providing & Fixing of CPVC Pipe line with R.O. fitting in Public Health Store and Central Store at IIT Delhi. 21/05/2019 14/05/2019 View
11501 C. F. D BASED 3D DISPERSION MODELING SOFTWARE 20/05/2019 29/04/2019 View
11505 ICP type Triaxial Seismic Velocity Sensor 20/05/2019 29/04/2019 View
11573 Annual maintenance contract of Reverse Osmosis installed various sites at IIT Delhi 20/05/2019 13/05/2019 View