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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
9893 Fume Hood 15/06/2018 01/06/2018 View
9895 Warp Knitting Machine 15/06/2018 01/06/2018 View
9856 Dynamic Light Scattering/ Particle Size Analyser 14/06/2018 24/05/2018 View
9858 Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Machine 14/06/2018 24/05/2018 View
9873 Sub Head- Preventive, Routine and Breakdown Maintenance of various capacity D.G. Sets installed at IIT Delhi 14/06/2018 30/05/2018 View
9876 Name of work-Providing and fixing Aluminium glazed door in Passage gallery in Dean (Academic) Office (Dean Complex) in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub-Head- Civil Work. 14/06/2018 30/05/2018 View
9880 Provision of access doors and platform in shafts of LHC Building at IIT Delhi.Sub Head - Civil Work 14/06/2018 31/05/2018 View
9870 Biocompatibility study of biodegradable scaffold as per ISO-10993 12/06/2018 29/05/2018 View
9902 Boutique Tailor Shop Tender 11/06/2018 06/06/2018 View
9833 Purchase of Programmable Syringe Pumps (Quantity 2) 11/06/2018 21/05/2018 View
9841 High Performance Liquid Chromatography 11/06/2018 21/05/2018 View
9868 Replacement of old and worn out chilled water & Condenser Water pipe line of central Ac plants of Library Building at IIT Delhi. 11/06/2018 28/05/2018 View
9906 N/W : AR & MO E.I & fans i/c street light arrangements in residential area at IIT Delhi. SH : Provinding Electrical connections to Pressure Pump at MGH and Providing Power supply in A1,A2,A3 & A4 Block for internet connections in east campus at IIT Delhi 08/06/2018 07/06/2018 View
9823 Computerized Knitting Machine 08/06/2018 18/05/2018 View
9825 High temperature muffle furnaces 08/06/2018 18/05/2018 View
9824 Accessories of shock tube for sample preparation 08/06/2018 18/05/2018 View
9820 Corona Treater 07/06/2018 17/05/2018 View
9854 Sub Head- Annual maintenance of Package and Duct able type AC of VI LT-1 and 2, V LT-2, IV LT-3 and others site in IIT Delhi.(Day to day operation is not cover in the scope of work.) 07/06/2018 24/05/2018 View
9855 A.R. and M.O. D.G. Set and Central AC Plant at IIT Delhi- Sub Head- Round the clock operation and maintenance (low side) of chiller AC plant of Bharti Bldg. and SIT Building. 07/06/2018 24/05/2018 View
9882 AR and MO DG Sets and Central AC Plant at IIT Delhi SH Comprehensive of real time fuel monitoring system in DG sets at IIT Delhi 07/06/2018 31/05/2018 View
9892 N W Provinding EI and Fans and Shifting of Dbs and cable in room No MS 632 in Academic area at IIT Delhi 06/06/2018 01/06/2018 View
9874 N/W : AR & MO E.I and fans in academic area i/c street light arrangements at IIT Delhi.SH : Annual maintenance contract for 04 Nos.30 KVA servo voltage stabilizer for lift in MSB. 05/06/2018 30/05/2018 View
9837 N/W-Replacement of defective/obsolete 11KV OCB type HT Panels with 11KV VCB type HT Panels in M.S.Building Sub-Station at IIT Delhi. 05/06/2018 21/05/2018 View
9838 Providing & Fixing of CPVC pipe line with insulation for R.O. water plants at IIT Delhi. 05/06/2018 21/05/2018 View
9871 Installation and Commissioning of Split / Window AC units in different locations in IIT Delhi 05/06/2018 29/05/2018 View
9807 Knitting Machine (Design System) 04/06/2018 14/05/2018 View
9834 N/W:-Replacement of defective/obsolete 11KV OCB type HT Panels with 11KV VCB type HT Panels in M.S.Building Sub-Station at IIT Delhi. 04/06/2018 21/05/2018 View
9844 Sub Head- Making partition, working platform and miscellaneous repair work in Foundry Shop of Central Workshop in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 04/06/2018 22/05/2018 View
9798 Thermogravimetric Analyser 01/06/2018 11/05/2018 View
9786 1.Single phase power quality analyzer (04 nos.) -RP03391G 31/05/2018 10/05/2018 View