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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
7627 Programmable PV Source 14/02/2017 24/01/2017 View
7679 Renovation and Refurbishing 14/02/2017 31/01/2017 View
7685 N/W- A.R. and M.O. Sub-Station at IIT Delhi. SubHead - Repairing and Servicing of 2x240KVAR APFC Panels of Domain Make in Hospital Sub-Station. 14/02/2017 01/02/2017 View
7687 Servicing/Repairing and Testing of Kirloskar make 11KV VCB Panels and Transformers at IIT Delhi. 14/02/2017 01/02/2017 View
7695 Sub Head- Round the clock operation of DG sets at IIT Delhi 14/02/2017 02/02/2017 View
7610 Purchase of 02 Nos Tractor Trailer (Hydraulic Lift Trolley) for Horticulture Unit of IIT Delhi. 13/02/2017 20/01/2017 View
7620 Refrigerated Centrifuge 13/02/2017 23/01/2017 View
7621 Air Filters for NRF Clean Room 13/02/2017 23/01/2017 View
7622 Semiconductor Device Analyzer for I-V (current-voltage), C-V (capacitance-voltage) measurement 13/02/2017 23/01/2017 View
7625 Ultralow Freezer 13/02/2017 23/01/2017 View
7674 Requirement of Material for Central civil Store at IIT Delhi. (G.I. Fittings) 13/02/2017 30/01/2017 View
7696 Providing and laying of cement concrete interlocking paver blocks along the road side at various locations at IIT Delhi 13/02/2017 02/02/2017 View
7701 Construction of Dust bins near IDDC, Block No. VI and Block No. IV in Academic area at IIT Delhi 13/02/2017 03/02/2017 View
7733 N/W :- A.R. & M.O. Sub -Station at IIT Delhi. SH:- Repairing of ramps of 11KV Sub-Station and other minor works in Bharti School Sub-Station. 13/02/2017 10/02/2017 View
7613 Dead Weight Tester 10/02/2017 20/01/2017 View
7717 N/W: A.R & M.O E.I and fans i/c street light arrangements in residential area at IIT Delhi.SH : Supplying and Laying cable for street light at back side of Director,s Lodge in east campus at IIT Delhi. 10/02/2017 08/02/2017 View
7637 Quadrotor Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) System and Accessories 10/02/2017 25/01/2017 View
7605 3D Bio-printer 09/02/2017 19/01/2017 View
7709 N/W :- A.R. & M.O. Sub -Station at IIT Delhi. SH:- Providing and fixing 63A/100A/300ma RCCBs and earthing for protection of 2x20 passengers lift in Vishwakarma Bhawan and other minor works at various locations in the Campus. 09/02/2017 06/02/2017 View
7617 Piezo Linear amplifier 09/02/2017 23/01/2017 View
7624 Up gradation of Photographic System (Nikon D750 Digital SLR Camera) 08/02/2017 23/01/2017 View
7706 N/W : A.R & M.O E.I and fans i/c street light arrangements in residential area at IIT Delhi.SH : Repairing of different size Geysers of Both Girls Hostel in residential area at IIT Delhi. 08/02/2017 06/02/2017 View
7654 AR And MO Building in Residence area West Campus at IIT Delhi SH Repair of Upholstery of seat And back in Room Nos 511 And 205 in DMS in Vishwakarma Bhawan Basic Details 07/02/2017 27/01/2017 View
7655 AR and MO Building in Residence area West Campus at IIT Delhi SH Replacement of existing CI Line in Vikramshila 74 Apartment in West Campus 07/02/2017 27/01/2017 View
7592 Isolated Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope 07/02/2017 17/01/2017 View
7631 Hand Held /Mobile/Base Trunk Radio Walkie Talkie Sets with unlimited 24x7 airtime services for 3 years 07/02/2017 24/01/2017 View
7584 Non-contact eddy current displacement sensor and compatible conditioner with power supply device and cables 06/02/2017 16/01/2017 View
7597 Providing ,Installation , Testing and Commissioning (P/I/T/C) of Window and Split Type Air –Conditioner for various Depptt./Centers in IIT Delhi. Sub Head :-Installation , Testing and Commissioning of Window and Split Type Five Star energy efficient Air –Conditioner . 06/02/2017 17/01/2017 View
7616 Online Metallic Wear Debris Sensor used in particular Gearbox and Drivetrain applications for measurement of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metallic particles 06/02/2017 23/01/2017 View
7618 Mechanical Engg. Deptt., Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016 06/02/2017 23/01/2017 View