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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
970 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:This office NIT No. IITD/EE (P)/2011/52, Dated: -14/11/2011 Renovation of Research Laboratory (Photonics Lab, MS-424) in Physics Deptt. at IIT Delhi. 28/11/2011 22/11/2011 View
860 NIQ FOR Fluorescence based Confocal Microscope capable of carrying out single molecule measurements and spectral imaging 25/11/2011 03/11/2011 View
911 NIQ FOR FlexiForce Sensor A-401 AND UltraSonic Distance Sensors. 25/11/2011 11/11/2011 View
915 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:NIL NIQ FOR Hydrogen-Oxygen Gas Generator and Connectors 25/11/2011 11/11/2011 View
927 C0RRIGENDUM Reference This office NIT No. IITD/DW/23(C)/EE (C-I)/201l/2080, Dated: ~ 03/11/2011 Erection of parapet facia at Block No.-I in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 25/11/2011 15/11/2011 View
929 Renovation of research laboratory(Photonics lab MS - 424) in physics deptt at IIT Delhi 25/11/2011 15/11/2011 View
931 NIQ FOR Paper Sheets. 25/11/2011 15/11/2011 View
884 NIQ FOR treated bamboo for structural purpose 24/11/2011 08/11/2011 View
893 Sealed Quotations are invited for Purchase of Phones and Tablets. 24/11/2011 09/11/2011 View
912 CORRIGENDUM Reference:NIQ No. 2011-12/CSE/IRD/03 NIQ for 3D Laser Scanner 24/11/2011 11/11/2011 View
858 NIQ FOR Precision LCR Meter, 20 Hz to 2 MHz. 24/11/2011 02/11/2011 View
894 NIQ for upgradation of existing LibSys (LSPremia) software to Web Centric LibSys7 on Linux Server with concurrent 15 ‘Housekeeping’, z39.50 server and 50 ‘Web OPAC’ Users. 24/11/2011 09/11/2011 View
899 NIQ for Tender for Rate Fixation of meals served during placement season 2011- 2012. 24/11/2011 09/11/2011 View
895 NIQ FOR Software package for Experimental set up for flame impingement heat transfer. 24/11/2011 09/11/2011 View
864 Replacement of Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm system of Computer Service Centre at IIT Delhi. 23/11/2011 03/11/2011 View
867 Replacement of Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm system of ETSC Studio at IIT Delhi. 23/11/2011 03/11/2011 View
837 NIQ FOR fluorescence microscope 22/11/2011 01/11/2011 View
928 CORRIGENDUM Reference:-NIQ no. IITD/EE/PLN03-BEEN/IEC/4 Notice inviting quotations for a seven contact probe for DC signals 22/11/2011 15/11/2011 View
944 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:Ref.: -No.IITDIE.E. (C-I)/ Nov. 11/ 2123/ 09/11/2011. Name of work: -A/R & M/O Building in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. SH: -Providing and fixing collapsible steel shutter in computer sub-station room AD-l20 (Admn. Block) in Academic Area at IIT Delhi 22/11/2011 17/11/2011 View
945 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:Ref.: -No.IITD/E.E. (C-I)/ Nov. 11/2122/09/11/2011 Name ofwork: -AIR & Mia Building in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. SH: -Replacement of old damaged window with new Aluminium glazed window III Bio=Chemistry Lab (801A) in Academic-Area at IIT Delhi 22/11/2011 17/11/2011 View
946 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:Ref.: -No.lITD/E.E. (C-I)/ Nov. III 02/11/2011. Name ofwork: -A/R & M/O Building in Academic Area at IIT Delhi during the year 2011-12. SH: -Job work for Up-keeping & Maintenance ofToilets(160 Nos. Toilets) in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 22/11/2011 17/11/2011 View
841 NIQ FOR OSLO & TracePro University Licenses 21/11/2011 01/11/2011 View
930 NIQ FOR CHALLAN FORM 21/11/2011 15/11/2011 View
937 NIQ FOR ENVELOP A4 SIZE. 21/11/2011 16/11/2011 View
886 Name of work :-Renovation in disaster Recovery site in Block -II ROOM no. 433/1 at IIT Delhi. Sub Head :-S/I/T/C of 02 Nos.2.00 TR. Split Type Air-Conditioners in UPS Room. 21/11/2011 08/11/2011 View
914 CORRIGENDUM Reference:NIL NIQ FOR Electro-dynamic Mass Shaker. 18/11/2011 11/11/2011 View
866 A.R. & M.O. E.L & Fans in residential area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. S. H. :-1. Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Installation i/c street lighting in Residential area. 2. Repair and maintenance of E.I. fans, compound lights & operation 3 Nos. ten passengers Lifts, D.G. set in Himadari Hostel. 18/11/2011 03/11/2011 View
902 Notice inviting applications for issue of Licence for Pressman in near Kalish Hostel, at IIT Campus. 18/11/2011 09/11/2011 View
932 NIQ FOR Books and Ledgers. 18/11/2011 15/11/2011 View