Advt. of Project Positions

Project Title Deptt./Centre PI_Name Last_Date File
Biogas Slurry Handling and biomanure management (sub project of BDTC # RP02048)(RP02469) CENTRE FOR RURAL DEV. & TECH. Prof.Satyawati Sharma 19/12/2011 View
Unified Model Component II: Model Implementation and Parallelization (MI00828) COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Prof.Subodh Kumar 19/12/2011 View
"Application of magnetic nanoparticles in bioseparation and immobilization of proteins/enzymes"(RPO2400) Duration upto (04/10/2013) CHEMISTRY Prof. M.N.Gupta 19/12/2011 View
Special Project under SGSY for creation of Employment Opportunities & Increase In shelf life of Fruits & North India(RP01924) CHEMISTRY Prof.H M CHAWLA 15/12/2011 View
Sustainable Construction and Reduction of Water Consumption (RP02533) Duration of the Project: upto 24/11/2014 CIVIL ENGINEERING Prof.A.K.Gosain 15/12/2011 View
Optimization & Application of microbial formulation for removal of toxic metals from effluents for small scale industries (RP02145) CENTRE FOR RURAL DEV. & TECH. Prof.Anushree Malik 15/12/2011 View
Evidence based Assessment of biophysical determinants of malaria in the northeastern states of india and development of framework for adaptation measures for malaria control under climate changes scene(RP02529) CENTRE FOR RURAL DEV. & TECH. Prof.Anushree Malik 15/12/2011 View
Promoting Low Carbon Transport in India (RP02476) CIVIL ENGINEERING Prof.Geetam Tewari 09/12/2011 View
Quantum Design Evercool MPMS XL 7 as a National Facility at IIT Delhi [RP01993] Duration of the proiect Upto 29/2/2012 PHYSICS Prof. R.Chatterjee 06/12/2011 View
Power Quality Improvement in Power Converter Systems(RP02506) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Dr.G. Bhuvaneshwari 01/12/2011 View
Design and Implementation of a Content Based Network Architecture for Community Media In Rural areas (RP02355) COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Dr. A.Seth 30/11/2011 View
Design and Implementation of a Content Distribution Architecture for Rural and Remote Areas (RP02442) COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Dr. A.Seth 30/11/2011 View
Psychological Tests on Positive Psychological Constructs (RP02413) HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES Prof.Kamlesh Singh 29/11/2011 View
DBT Programme Support on Computational Biology (RP02146) CHEMISTRY Prof.B. JAYARAM 29/11/2011 View
Network Energy scavenging in wireless ad hoc sensor networks (RP02251) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Dr.Shouribrata chatterjee 29/11/2011 View
Development of indigenous membrane bioreactor(MBR) using submerged flyash membranes and its application for municipal waste water treatment(RP02281) APPLIED MECHANICS Prof.S.V. Veeravalli 29/11/2011 View
Understanding the role of Hepatitis A virus non-structural protein 2B in virus Replication and egress (RP02457) SCHOOL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Prof.Manidipa Banerjee 24/11/2011 View
Investigation on volume holographic light coupling devices (RP02495) PHYSICS Prof.Joby Joseph 21/11/2011 View
Tele-operation of An Industrial Robot (RP02351) MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Prof. S. Mukhherjee 17/11/2011 View
KVIC Technical Interface with IIT Delhi (RP02254) MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Prof.M.R.Ravi 17/11/2011 View
Ramanujan Fellowship to Dr. Brijesh K Yadav (MI00802) CIVIL ENGINEERING Prof.Shashi Mathur 17/11/2011 View
EPFL -IITD Collaboration in Microengineering (RP02232) Duration of the Project: upto 10/5/2012 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Prof.S. Mukherjee 17/11/2011 View
An Intensification of research in high priority area(IRHPA) Unit/Core Group on applied biocatalysis(RP01842) CHEMISTRY Prof.M. N. GUPTA 17/11/2011 View
Water resources-ganga river basin management plan (MI00841) CIVIL ENGINEERING Prof.A.K.Gosain 17/11/2011 View
Setting up a knowledge network on rural housing (RP02453) CENTRE FOR RURAL DEV. & TECH. Dr V. M. Chariar 17/11/2011 View
Development of Coordinated Multi WMR systems (sub project #2 under the main project # RP02346)(RP02348) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Dr. Indra Narayan Kar 17/11/2011 View
Development of Cryogenically Coupled Vibratory EDM Processes to Machine Hard Materials and conducting Ceramics (RP02403) MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Prof.P. M. Pandey 17/11/2011 View
Setting up a knowledge network on Rural Housing (RP02453) CENTRE FOR RURAL DEV. & TECH. Prof.V.M.Chariar 17/11/2011 View
Development of a Low Cost High Efficiency Furnace with accessories fo Melting Bell Metal to be Used by Rural Artisans (RP02327) Duration of the Project: Upto 28/3/2012 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Prof.Sangeeta Kohli 15/11/2011 View
Integration, Prototype Development and Performance Evaluation of Solar Collection Devices with Heat Based Cooling Technologies in the Capacity Range upto 10 TR (RP02290) MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Dr. Sanjeev Jain 15/11/2011 View