PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
BHARATKUMAR MODI Department of Mechanical Engineering Investigations on formability of AA 5182 Aluminium alloy in hydroforming of square cups 29/04/2013
CHINTHALAPALLI SRINIVAS Department of Chemistry Studies on Long-Lived States and Coherences in Liquid State NMR 22/04/2013
ASHOK KUMAR BINJOLKAR Centre for Energy Studies Evaluation of the Performance and Emission Characteristics of Hydrogen Fuelled SI Engine Using Concurrent Induction Mechanism 18/04/2013
SWAPNA MISHRA Department of Textile Technology Studies on uniaxial tensile strength of cotton woven fabrics 18/04/2013
JAYANTA KUMAR NATH Department of Applied Mechanics Global-Local Theories for Smart Piezolaminated Plates and Shells 15/04/2013
PEEYUSH KUMAR Centre for Rural Development & Technology Development of essential oil based formulation for house fly control 09/04/2013
V. SURESH BABU Department of Mechanical Engineering Some Studies on Misaligned Rotor Supported on Rolling Element Bearings 05/04/2013
SUMEDHA MOHARANA Department of Civil Engineering Modelling of Piezo-Structure Elastodynamic Interaction Through Bond Layer for Electro-Mechanical Impedance Technique 03/04/2013
GYANDSHWAR KUMAR RAO Department of Chemistry Organochalcogen ligated palladium(ii) and palladium(0) for carbon?carbon coupling reactions 25/03/2013
UDAY DADWAL Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Investigation of Blistering and Exfoliation Phenomena in Hydrogen-Implanted Semiconductors for Potential Layer Transfer Applications 22/03/2013
MAYURI CHABUKDHARA Department of Civil Engineering Studies on Heavy Metal Contamination in Soils and Sediments of an Urban Industrial Cluster using Environmetric Methods and Risk Assessment Approach 21/03/2013
VIVEK KUMAR Centre for Instrument Design & Development Development of modified bamboo fiber reinforced plastic nanocomposites and study of their dielectric, mechanical and thermal properties 12/03/2013
SHVETA MAHAJAN Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of polymer iron oxide hybrid nanosystems for targeting and imaging applications 12/03/2013
MANOJ KUMAR Department of Physics Terahertz generation and allied phenomena in intense laser interaction with clusters and plasmas 12/03/2013
LALIT PRASAD Centre for Energy Studies Studies on Formulation, Lubricity of Alkyl Esters and Use in a Single Cylinder C. I. Engine 11/03/2013
NILAMBER KUMAR SINGH Department of Applied Mechanics Mechanical Behaviour of Structural Materials under Dynamic Loads 05/03/2013
MANMOHAN DASS GOEL Department of Civil Engineering Blast Response of Structures and its Mitigation using Advanced Lightweight Materials 05/03/2013
KANCHAN BALA Centre for Biomedical Engineering Interaction of advanced glycation end products in Diabetes 01/03/2013
N.PRABHU Department of Chemistry Design, Synthesis and Structural Aspects of Sterically Encumbered Alkylthioethers and Their Potential Applications 01/03/2013
VARUN JAIN Centre for Energy Studies Energy Conservation in Space Conditioning in India through Direct Evaporative Cooling 26/02/2013