PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
ABHISHEK KUMAR Department of Chemistry Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Polyorganoselenium Compounds and Their Unique Functional Behavior as Chemical Sensors 27/07/2012
JOY V.P. Centre for Energy Studies Hierarchical Multi-objective optimization of India's energy strategy portfolios incorporating climate change mitigation targets 26/07/2012
POONAM KUMARI Department of Applied Mechanics Analytical Solution For Micro- And Macro-Mechanics Of Smart Structure Integrated With Piezoelectric Composites. 17/07/2012
V.SIVA REDDY Centre for Energy Studies Exergetic Analysis and Economic Evaluation of Solar Thermal Power Generation 17/07/2012
JOY V.P. Centre for Energy Studies Hierarchical Multi-Objective Optimization of India's Energy Strategy Portfolios Incorporating Climate Change Mitigation Targets. 16/07/2012
DEBIKA BASU Department of Chemical Engineering Development of anode catalyst for direct glucose alkaline fuel cell. 10/07/2012
ANIL KUMAR MALIK Department of Physics Plasma Based Terahertz (THZ) Radiation Generation And Its Tunability 10/07/2012
VIMLESH KUMAR BIND Department of Chemical Engineering Dust Explosion Modeling Using Mechanistic And Phenomenological Approaches 05/07/2012
RANJEET KUMAR Centre for Instrument Design & Development Optical trapping of mesoscopic transparent/metallic particles by spatially structured laser beam and characterization of trapped RBCs 02/07/2012
SANDIP BASU Department of Textile Technology Electrospinning of Poly(acrylonitrile) nanofibres 25/06/2012
SHYAMAL ROY Department of Chemical Engineering Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of Oxalic Acid 20/06/2012
UMESH CHANDRA PRASAD Department of Management Studies Management of Continuity and Change in Private Higher Technical Education 19/06/2012
KRISHNENDU CHATTERJEE Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Development of Simulator and Image Processing Tools for Multi-Technique Thermography 12/06/2012
SRIKANTA SAHU Department of Chemistry Design, Synthesis, Ion-binding and Self-Assembling Behavior of Triazole-Based Molecules 11/06/2012
VARKEY JON THOMAS Department of Management Studies A study of select dimensions of technological innovation: A country level and firm level analysis 08/06/2012
V.R.S.RAJU ITMMEC Process mapping and performance measurement in aviation maintenance 05/06/2012
S.Z.S TABISH Department of Civil Engineering Critical Success Factors And Fair Performance In Public Construction Projects 04/06/2012
PARVEEN SAINI Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering Synthesis , Characterization and evaluataion of conducting polymer blends and composites for microwave shielding and antistatic application 29/05/2012
PRAVIN KUMAR SRIVASTAVA Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Lauryl Methacrylate using Single/Four Arm Inituator and Nanoclay as Additive 29/05/2012
AJAY AHUJA Department of Management Studies Select Aspects of Organizational Effectiveness of Data Centers: A Diagnostic Analysis 29/05/2012