PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
AJAY SINGH Department of Electrical Engineering Optimization of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing with Conventional and Improved Energy Detectors 15/05/2012
TANVEER AFZAL FARUQUIE Department of Computer Science & Engineering Automated Analysis of Surveillance Videos Using Latent Topic Models 14/05/2012
GANESH WASUDEO RATHOD Department of Civil Engineering Seismic Hazard Assessment and Development of Attenuation Relationship for NCR of Delhi 04/05/2012
KSHITIJA WASON Humanities & Social Sciences Underlying psychological processes in conflict trajectories: Factors that catalyze perceptions of justice violations and consequent reactions. 03/05/2012
B.VENKATA NAGA SILPA Department of Computer Science & Engineering POWER OPTIMIZATIONS FOR GRAPHICS PROCESSORS 26/04/2012
PATEL VINODKUMAR NATHALAL ITMMEC Studies of Ball Bearing Vibrations Caused by Local Defects and Improvements in Fault Detection 23/04/2012
SHAILENDRA KUMAR SHARMA Department of Electrical Engineering Voltage and Frequency Controllers for Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion Systems 23/04/2012
RAGHVENDRA SAHAT SAXENA Department of Electrical Engineering Design and Simulation of Trench Gate Power MOSFETs for Switching and RF Applications 23/04/2012
VINEET KAUR SODHI Humanities & Social Sciences Representation of the Self and the Other in Indian Children's Literature in English: A Critical Analysis. 16/04/2012
RAGUPATHY KARU Centre for Energy Studies Study of Performance, Combustion, and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Under Partial Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Mode 16/04/2012
DEEPAK JOSHI Centre for Biomedical Engineering Contra Lateral Limb Controlled Prosthetic Knee Joint. 04/04/2012
DIVYA PANDEY Department of Mechanical Engineering Joint Optimization of Production Scheduling, Maintenance and Quality Policies in Manufacturing. 03/04/2012
SUPROTIM GANGULY Centre for Energy Studies Risk Evaluation Support for Investment Decision Making in a Fuzzy Environment in Indian Power Generation Sector. 28/03/2012
MANEESH JAISWAL Centre for Biomedical Engineering Hydrogel Based Scaffolds for Wound Healing Applications. 23/03/2012
RAMAN SHARMA Department of Civil Engineering Chemical Looping Combustion in Recirculating Fluidized Beds. 21/03/2012
MRS.NANY GULATI(NEE KUMAR) Centre for Biomedical Engineering Evaluation of Temperature Sensitive Polymeric Nanoparticles for Cancer Targeting. 20/03/2012
TIKAM CHAND GUPTA Department of Applied Mechanics Non-Linear Dynamics and Chaos of Flexible Rotor Systems 19/03/2012
SARSING GAO Department of Electrical Engineering Analysis and Controller design of self-excited induction generator for micro-hydro applications 16/03/2012
JEEVARATHINAM D. Department of Chemical Engineering Experimental study of gas liquid flow and reaction in microchannels: Effect of inlet configuration, fluid properties and fluid flowrates 16/03/2012