PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
VARUN JAIN Centre for Energy Studies Energy Conservation in Space Conditioning in India through Direct Evaporative Cooling 26/02/2013
MOURANI SINHA Centre for Atmospheric Science Parametric estimation and real-time forecast of wind waves 04/02/2013
NGAMJAHAO KIPGEN Humanities & Social Sciences Kuki identity, land-use, authority, and ethnic-nationalism in manipur, india 04/02/2013
ANAND BALLABH JOSHI Department of Mathematics On Boolean Functions in the Context of Coding Theory and Cryptography 04/02/2013
S.M.ZAFARUDDIN Department of Electrical Engineering Algorithms and performance analysis for self and alien crosstalk mitigation in upstream vectored vdsl 30/01/2013
KAUSAR ALI Department of Civil Engineering A study on behaviour of geosynthetic reinforced stone column foundation in soft clay 29/01/2013
KR. KRISHNANAND Department of Textile Technology Studies on the development of bioreceptive polycaprolactone filaments 29/01/2013
GOPINATH R. Centre for Rural Development & Technology Validation of Ethnoveterinary Medicine for its Anthelmintic Activity in Sheep 28/01/2013
LALIT KUMAR Centre for Atmospheric Science Atmospheric Chemical Modelling of Tropospheric Ozone and Nitrogen-Dioxide using a Chemical Transport Model over Delhi 22/01/2013
SHALINI BHASKAR School of Information Technology Novel Algorithms and their Applications for Mining Static, Structured, Temporal Data and Data Streamsvvvv 22/01/2013
MALISH C.M. Humanities & Social Sciences Negotiating Cultural Capital in the Knowledge Economy of India: An Empirical Study of Scheduled Caste Engineering Students in Kerala 18/01/2013
SHANTANU PATRA Department of Civil Engineering A study on reinforced soil behavior under oblique pullout force considering pasternak subgrade 15/01/2013
SHOBHANA SINGH Centre for Energy Studies Development of Test Methods for Performance Comparison of Solar Dryers 10/01/2013
AVINASH SAMVEDI Department of Mechanical Engineering Select Studies in Supply Chain Risk Management 10/01/2013
KOMAL SAINI Department of Chemistry Study of the interaction of transforming growth factor beta III protein with receptor II and its mutants. 04/01/2013
ANOOP C NAIR Department of Electrical Engineering Cognitive radio networks: issues and characterization of sensing enhancement and network architectures 31/12/2012
DEVENDRA NATH GUPTA Centre for Rural Development & Technology Policy Options for Agro-Residue Electricity System: A Case Study of Wardha Block 27/12/2012
SOMNATH JHA Centre for Atmospheric Science Diagnostics of Biosphere-Atmosphere Interfacing in Indian Agro-Climate Regime 20/12/2012
MANOJ SINGH PARIHAR Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Novel Reconfigurable Printed Antennas 13/12/2012
NARESH DAYMA Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering Deformation, fracture and wear performance of polyamide6/maleated polyolefin blends and their nanocomposites 07/12/2012