Unlimited IIT Delhi

Itinerary for interaction with faculty candidates

RaleighNCSU, Centennial Campus EB2, Room 3211Jun 13, 1:30pm
San FransiscoStanford Univ, Allen 101xJune 16, 1:30pm
Los AngelesUCLA Tesla Room, 53-125 Engg IV 420 WestwoodJune 17, 2 pm
HoustonUniv of Houston, CS Dept PG Ho man Bldng, Rm 563June 19, 10am
ChicagoUniv of Chicago, Computational Institute Room 240 AJune 20, 3 pm
BostonMIT Simon Center Conf Room 46-6011June 22, 3 pm
New YorkColumbia Univ Industrial Engg and OR Dept MUDD 303June 24, 2:30 pm
New JerseyPrinceton Univ CS building Rm 105Jun 25, 1:30 pm

If you are planning to attend the interaction meeting in any of the venues we encourage you to register here. This will enable us to contact you if there are any changes in the itinerary.

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Delegation members

  • Prof. Ramgopal Rao, Director
  • Prof. Ashok Gupta, DD(O)
  • Prof. Sandeep Sen, Dean(Faculty)
  • Prof. Sanjeev Sanghi, Dean (Alumni and Int'l Affairs)
  • Prof. Ambuj Sagar, (Convener, Comm Strategic Planning)

Contact Email ID: unlimiitd[at]admin.iitd.ac.in