New Faculty: Sayantan Paria, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Sayantan Paria grew up in Midnapur in West Bengal and also did his schooling and college from there. It was at the higher secondary stage that he developed a fascination for Chemistry.

“Studying the different chemical reactions was very exciting. I found the subject very diverse and soon realized that this was what I wanted to pursue,” he says.

After a Masters in Chemistry from IIT Roorkee, Sayantan went on to do his doctorate in Bio-Inorganic Chemistry from the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science in Kolkata. During his PhD he synthesized metal complexes that functionally mimicked the activity of different metalloenzymes.

After his PhD Sayantan went to Osaka University as a JSPS post-doctoral fellow and worked on mechanistic investigation of copper-dioxygenchemistry. Where he have used several spectroscopic techniques to characterize meta-stable copper-oxygen intermediates. In 2016 he moved to Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, Tarragona, Spain as a postdoctoral fellow (Marie Curie Co-funded International Postdoctoral Mobility Programme) and his research landscape was based on water splitting by some homogenous electrolytes.

He joined IIT Delhi in April 2017.

His future research will focus on synthesis of small molecule complexes for targeted application in bioinspired chemical conversions like splitting of water into oxygen and hydrogen, conversion of nitrogen to ammonia, utilization of dioxygen as a green oxidant for catalysis, etc.

When he is not researching in the lab, Sayantan likes to indulge in photography.