New Faculty: Dr. Rahul Narain

Rahul Narain spent his childhood in Delhi, studied in Mothers International and had his goals and aspirations fixed early in life. While maintaining an interest in design and art, he wanted to be a computer scientist and his admission to IIT Delhi just after 12th helped him inch close to his dreams.

When he was in the final semester of IIT Delhi, he had gone to attend a talk by the then head of Computer Science on What it is like to be a Faculty member. He was very impressed by the talk and this was the first time that he started seriously considering going into academia.

After his B.Tech he went to do his PhD in computer graphics from University of North Carolina. His research focused on physics-based simulation of fluids, granular materials, and crowd dynamics.

His post-doctoral from the University of California, Berkeley again touched on physics based animation, this time specifically on adaptive remeshing for cloth animation.

Rahul joined as a Faculty in the University of Minnesota and taught for around three years. Coming back to India was always at the back of his mind and so when he was offered a job in IIT Delhi there was no looking back.

His current research focusses on improving the accuracy of animation techniques to better predict the real world phenomena. One of his goals is to expand the applicability beyond entertainment to fields like computer-aided design and biomedical applications.