IIT Delhi alumnus Mr Amarjit Bakshi's contribution worth Rs 10 cr to augment endowment fund

IIT Delhi alumnus Mr. Amarjit Bakshi, who is Founder & Managing Director of Central Park and Continental Engines as well as the Founder of Oriental Structure Engineers, has pledged a support of Rs 10 cr. to his alma mater to be paid annually at the rate of Rs 1 cr. every year.

He has already handed over the first cheque of Rs 1 cr. to IIT Delhi.

Mr. Bakshi’s support is significant as it will go a long way in augmenting IIT Delhi’s endowment fund, which the institute envisages to put in place to pursue its vision and mission that now contains a reiteration of goals such as internationalisation, interdisciplinary activities and industrial connect under the status of Institute of Eminence.

While saying that this is just a beginning, Mr Amarjit Bakshi added that IIT Delhi alumni should collectively endeavour to make the institution financially self-sustainable by 2021.

Mr Amarjit Bakshi said: “The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is a gold mine of innovation and talent that has the potential to shape the future of the world. Through this humble contribution, we aim to ensure that the zeal and passion of future generations to challenge the status quo continues to shine brightly. The sheer grit and perseverance I see in every student from this stellar institution reinforces my belief that India has what it needs to become an economic and geo-political superpower.”

When asked about what he has yielded most from what he learnt at IIT Delhi, Mr Bakshi was quick to respond that first, values and second, the subject of humanities.

When asked what more could be taught to IIT engineers, he answered, “entrepreneurship as a subject could be optional and economics, commerce & accounting could also be alternatives. Public speaking is another valuable subject that should be compulsory as all leaders need this skill. Needless to say, good values stand on the top of the list of any type of education.”

Mr. Bakshi explained how certain teachings imparted by IIT Delhi have been imbibed into his personality, one of them being fearlessness, which was always encouraged and empowered through the atmosphere provided.

Speaking about the financial contribution made by Mr Bakshi, Prof V Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi, said: "IIT Delhi takes pride in its alumni and their achievements. Institute has increased its engagement with the alumni significantly in the last few years through a variety of ways. As an Institute of Eminence, we have very high aspirations and alumni contributions will go a long way in achieving these objectives. Mr. Amarjit Bakshi is a pioneer in his field of expertise and a role model for many. His financial contributions to IIT Delhi, I am sure, will motivate many of our alumni to come forward and give back to the institute."

Welcoming Mr Bakshi’s support to the institution, Prof Sanjeev Sanghi, Dean, Alumni Affairs and International Programmes, IIT Delhi, said: “Mr. Bakshi has pledged this support with no strings attached. Therefore, the institute will put this sum as seed money in the proposed endowment fund.”

Mr. Bakshi received the Bachelor of Technology degree in Civil Engineering in 1967 from IIT Delhi.

His expertise lies in the field of civil engineering (execution and planning), with special reference to structural engineering and infrastructure development.

After studying civil engineering from IIT Delhi, he worked for a British company for four years before foraying into entrepreneurship.

Mr. Bakshi has over the years used his skills to establish himself in various fields including highway and airport construction, automotive industry including manufacturing of three-wheelers, road cleaning equipments, real estate sector, construction and owning large five-star hotels besides other enterprises.

Contributions like the one made by Mr. Bakshi give an opportunity to IIT Delhi alumni to re-engage with their alma mater. They had been a part of the Institute many years ago as students and now they are contributing to the growth of the Institute.