Advanced Equipment for Environmental Soil Sampling : Field Demonstration Workshop at IITD

A state-of-the-art equipment capable of providing continuous core samples of soil without cross-contamination used in environmental site characterization has been procured by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi through a research project sponsored by Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change. This equipment is first of its kind in India and is typically used for high resolution site characterization.

Besides research work, this kind of equipment is extensively used in the industry for site characterization of contaminated sites. The equipment is compact and highly mobile, thus making it easy to operate in difficult terrain. Another novel feature of this equipment is to obtain soil samples either as continuous cores to a required depth or at discrete depths as per the project requirement. It can collect soil samples, pore/ground water samples or soil-gas samples and the results are used in environmental risk assessment and remedial design of contaminated soil sites. This equipment is also designed to conduct hydrostratigraphic measurements (for example permeability of soil at different depths and qualitative contaminant characterization using Optical Image Hydraulic Profiler).

Field demonstration of the equipment will be shown at Geoenvironment-2020 from 17th to 19th Feb 2020 at IIT Delhi. Geoenvironment-2020 is a 3-in-1 event, comprising of an International Seminar on Contaminated Sites along with Demonstration Workshop on Subsurface Investigation Methods as well as a Concurrent Conference on Geoenvironment and Sustainability. More details available at

14th Feb 2020